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GolfInStore: Making The Store Pictures Part 1

So our flagship retail location in Stanmore, London, is coming together really well. The shop will be called GolfInStore and will provide the same level of great customer service as For the full GolfInStore Flickr Gallery click here.

You have been warned!

Shop is shaping up

After a little clean up

GolfInStore: Pictures from Making The Simulator

Here are some EXCLUSIVE snaps from our recent install of a full size virtual golf simulator for custom fitting.  You may have already seen the GolfInStore Making The Simulator video, where this was constructed in just one minute.


GolfInstore projector screen

Check out the full gallery on our GolfInStore Flicker Gallery for Making The Simulator

GolfInStore: The Shopping List Prank

Big thanks to GolfOnline presenter Q for being such a good sport about this one.  To celebrate the shop fitters arriving at our flagship retail location, GolfInStore, we asked the team to give GolfOnline presenter a fake shopping list.  These items have been used for years in builders initiations to play a practical joke on apprentices.

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